EB Logos

People tend to recognize corporate logos more readily than corporate names.   “Back in the day” companies went to great length and expense to create elaborate and ornate logos for their advertising, letterheads, and even their stock certificates.  EB’s first was really an adaptation from the Emerson logo.



You’ll notice all they did was add Brantingham to the banner.  There were two more logos which are not seen too often which appear on the early Emerson carriages and Newton Wagons. 





The more common logo is what we call the “Script EB”.  This was used on the early gas engines (the rebadged Rockfords like the Model S), and on their non foot-lift tillage equipment.


Finally, around 1914, out came the infamous EB Diamond, which they held on to… and applied to everything until they were dissolved in 1928.



One variation on the diamond was the one below which was used on their commercial truck bodies.  These were built in Batavia, IL at the Newton wagon plant.


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