EB Color Plates from Catalogs

Most of the catalogs from the day had at least one page inserted which was a beautiful color drawing of one of their products.  Today, many of these old catalogs are missing these wonderful color renderings by falling prey to the razor knife and picture frame.  I’ve scanned many of these plates, touched them up, enhanced them, and are here for your use.  Feel free to “save” them, print them and hang them in your shop or den.

(if you want to save a full size image, left click over the image, right click on the image on the new page, and left click on“save as”)


EB Disc Harrow

EB Foot Lift Plow

EB foot lift gang plow

Eb grain drill

EB 1 ˝ hp model h gas engine

Eb roadgrader

   (road maintainer)

   (powered cultivator)

Eb #26 cultivator

EB “standard” mower

More coming!!!






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